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SLE 帶狀 潤滑系統 Lubricating Systems

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Band Spraying System 帶式噴霧潤滑系統

The uniform and optimized application of fluids during the manufacture of individual and endless products is paramount for their quality.


The tried-and-proven SLE spraying systems can be integrated easily in every manufacturing process.


A reduction of up to 70% in the consumption of lubricant ensures high economical and ecological efficiency.


Decades of experience make SLE a knowledgeable partner in the field of preservation and lubricating technology.


-  Uniform design and structure 統一的設計和結構

-  Contact-free oil application 無接觸之油體應用

-  Reproducible fluid application 潤滑劑的再生應用

-  Real-time adjustability of spray quantity噴霧量具有實時可調節性

-  High precision metering by precise gear wheel pump 透過精密齒輪幫浦進行高精度計量

-  Environmentally friendly technology 環境友善技術

-  Extremely user friendly and low maintenance 使用者友善以及低度維護

-  Closed system 封閉式循環系統

-  Up to three fluid circles 至多三種用油(須各自搭配完整系統)

-  Inline integration 在線整合

-  Integrated filtration 整合型過濾器

-  Selective oil application possible 搭配客戶指定用油

-  Certified Bruderer integration; integration in further systems also possible 與Bruderer衝壓系統整合之實際驗證;其他系統亦可

-  Stroke-dependent oil/lubrication application 可調節的斷續潤滑油應用 (非連續噴灑,有效節省油耗量)

-  Stamp lubrication possible 提供衝壓環節之潤滑

-  Open spray point possible 提供額外的開放式噴灑點

-  Purging cycle available 提供機器本體清潔循環

-  Implementation into special applications 可執行特殊應用

-  Improved sensory equipment and operation of unit 改進相關感應與操作元件

-  Integrated evacuation and medium recovery 整合型介質回收再生

Technical data 技術數據

Dimensions尺寸 LxWxH

800 mm x 460 mm x 1370 mm

Power supply電源

400 V, 2 kVA

Air supply 氣體供應

plug connector插頭連接器 8 mm,

approx. 4 bar

perfect 完善

precise lubrication 精確潤滑